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How “User Intent” Shapes Your Content Marketing Strategy

How do you define your audience’s user intent and mold it into your marketing strategy? Not that long ago, the only thing business owners needed to know about marketing was making sure their weekly newspaper ad made it above the fold. Marketing has changed massively in the...
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What is Online Reputation Management?

You may have heard of online reputation management. But what is it, exactly? Are you still unsure that reputation management is important for your good reputation as a business owner? A recent TripAdvisor survey of businesses found that 97% said online reputation management is...
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7 Reasons Online Reputation Management is Vital to Your Marketing Strategy

Why is online reputation management so important to your business’ reputation? You may have been thinking a lot recently about your marketing plan and how to make sure you and your business remain at the forefront of your customers’ minds. While you have been thinking about...
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11 Common SEO Mistakes You’re Probably Making on Your Website

Avoid these common SEO mistakes When you designed your first business website for your new company, you may have thrown up one page which detailed your business information. You were probably proud just to have that up. However, today’s business websites are far more...
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5 Ways to Dominate Local SEO with Google My Business

How to Succeed in Your Google My Business SEO Goals How do you get your business to the top of local search results? Claiming your listing on Google is a fundamental step when building a local marketing strategy. It helps ensure prospective customers find your business when...
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10 Benefits of Completing Your Google My Business Account

Google My Business Account—Why You Need It Google is the world’s most visited website, making Google My Business (GMB) a key digital channel for every business with a location. GMB is a fundamental part of any company’s online presence and often the first thing potential...
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What are the Benefits of Sending Out a Monthly Newsletter to Your Clients?

A Monthly Newsletter—Why It’s Important for Your Business Newsletters have been around for centuries. The only difference is that clerks are no longer hand-copying them onto folded paper as they did in the 1600s. Today, newsletters are an important component of effective email...
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Your Guide to Creating and Using Paid Google Ads

Google Ads guide: Creating and Using Google Ads If you’re not advertising on Google, you’re definitely not taking advantage of every tool in your digital marketing toolbox! Creating Google Ads campaigns is a relatively simple process that can give your company huge...
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How to Utilize Linkedin to Expand Your Marketing Strategy

How can you use LinkedIn to improve your marketing strategy? Social media is an exciting and effective way to increase your brand’s reach, but for some reason, LinkedIn is often takes a back seat to other social platforms link Facebook and Twitter. The truth, however, is...
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Got a Negative Review? Here’s How to Respond Appropriately

If you’ve received a negative review, here’s how to properly respond. Running a business these days is a lot different than it was just a few short years ago and it could very well be much different just a few years from now. In the past, when a customer had a problem...
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