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Marketing Campaigns

Design an Integrated Marketing Campaign customized to your business goals and budget. Get Professionally Enhanced:

  • Brand Development: Identify competitive advantages, market trends, opportunities and establish what it will take to ensure your position above your competition.
  • Web Development: Design, construct and optimize a website that will serve as your corporate hub and a beacon for New Business.
  • Search Marketing: Get found in the search engines and out-pace your best competition.
  • Social Media Marketing: Monitor, interact & engage your target market where they are.
  • Content Marketing: Create & publish relevant, engaging & link-worthy business generating content.
  • Marketing Collateral: Leverage ALL of your opportunities online & offline with powerful and impactful marketing material designed to increase conversion rates and generate more business
  • Public Relations: Build relationships & enhance communications.

P3 Marketing Campaign Services simplify budgeting with ideal monthly payments, standardized services and set pricing. Take the mystery out of your marketing by letting the pros help you manage and drive new business so you and your team can do what you do best!

Our monthly marketing campaigns take the guesswork out of “what to do next” by systematically organizing your marketing into a measurable process at a set budget that works for you.

Save time, money and your company’s best resources by letting P3 use its years of experience to effectively build your company brand image and marketing to generate greater results and ROI, while you and your team do what you do best.

Every P3 customer gets a dedicated account team, monthly campaign tracking and measuring, complimentary added-value services, set pricing on agency services and an online, password-protected client management center.

Marketing Campaign Features

Dedicated Account Team: Every P3 customer is assigned a dedicated account team to lead and manage their campaigns. Team members include long-time veteran marketing and brand development specialists (including Jewel McKeon – 2003 Florida Business Woman of the Year, 2004 National Business Woman of the Year and 2012 Runner-up International Business Match Maker, as an account overview and accountability specialist)

Complimentary Services: At the core of P3’s value are the complimentary services that are offered exclusively to monthly marketing customers. Value added services include Business Intelligence Reports, Insights and Business Opportunity Identifiers.

Online Client Center: The P3 Client Center utilizes a remarkably simple and intuitive online portal for collaboration, file sharing, communication and project management. This Client Portal can store pertinent files and can be used by the client and their staff to organize and access their marketing material.

Budget Planning: Budgets and plans stay on target with ongoing monitoring and thorough monthly or quarterly reviews.

Detailed Activity Reports: Clients stay informed and in charge of their results with regular activity reports that are easy to read and understand. Reports provide detailed summaries of services delivered, along with itemized pricing.

Campaign Tracking: Monthly campaign tracking with full updates on all marketing activities, results, marketing plans and updated campaign strategies are included in all P3 Campaign Service Packages.

No Contracts: There are no contracts or fees for clients who choose to terminate monthly services. Campaigns and services are designed to build momentum and long-term value for each customer. If a certain level of business has been achieved, and no further growth is required, many clients will choose to scale back, pass the remainder of services to internal team members, or simply cancel services. Clients agree to pay for all services rendered to date. Client who have prepaid for services will be credited the outstanding balance on their account.

Get a Custom Tailored Campaign and Marketing to Drive New Business

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