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Client: Coconut Villas of Dunedin

Coconut Villas of Dunedin

Sam & Annetta from Coconut Villas entered into a new world when they decided to keep one of their commercial real estate properties, rather that flip it or turn its operations over to a property manager. They purchased, remodeled and opened the doors on a beautiful waterfront piece of property on a peninsula in Dunedin, FL.

MESSAGE from P3 Agency

They quickly found an incredible sense of reward dealing with the new and interesting tourist who happened along to their establishment. However, with twenty-four new remodeled villas, and the upkeep and overhead that comes along with owning a vacation rental spot, Sam & Annetta needed to ensure there was plenty of traffic headed their way.

They enlisted P3 to build a search engine optimized website that would both attract new customers and convey the experience of Coconut Villas. The site was designed to give a guided tour of their establishment, connect guests to local attractions and resources, and to link to the many happy reviews of their previous guests.

We recommend if you’re ever planning a trip to Sunny Florida, and you’d like to pick a spot on Florida’s Gulf Coast, that you consider talking to Sam & Annetta. Coconut’s accommodations are second to none, and Sam & Annetta will go out of their way to make certain your stay is a special one. If you’d like to talk to either of them about their establishment or how they have benefited from our commercial marketing services, you can reach them at the following.