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The P3 Team

Sean McKeon
Chief Executive Officer
Sean McKeon, CEO of the P3 Agency

Sean is the “man behind the curtain” here at P3. He’s the guy behind the curtain in the fact that he’s instrumental at making sure everything runs like a well-oiled machine, and he’s the guy behind the curtain when it comes to talking about himself, but you’ll find that Sean can be a wealth of knowledge and resources for you, and he ALWAYS makes himself available to anyone who needs him.

If you’ve got technical questions to marketing & brand development questions, you can’t go wrong talking to Sean…and he’ll be the first to tell you if he doesn’t have the answer for you, he’ll get it.

Sean’s also a great resource to network and collaborate with, as he does pretty good at quickly understanding what it will take to help you generate more business, and who he can introduce you to to make it happen.

p: 1.800.515.9422 ex.111
e: sean@p3-agency.com
l: linkedin.com/seanmckeon

Jewel McKeon
Master Brand & Marketing Advisor

Jewel McKeon, is the original founder of P3 Agency, an International Business Development Firm Specializing in Branding, PR & Design. Ms. McKeon is the recipient of the following awards:

• 2013 Humanitarian Award SMA University Honor Hall
• 2012 Finalist Top Six Business Matchmakers – FEMTOR Foundation
• 2004 National Business Woman of the Year
• 2003 Florida Business Woman of the Year
• 2004 National Business Woman of the Year
• 2003 Florida Business Woman of the Year
• 2002 Top 100 Tampa Bay Business Woman
• 2002 Woman on the Way

P3’s clients range from past United States Presidents to major medical facilities, municipalities, museums, SMBs, Innovation & Techology firms, nonprofit initiatives to an entrepreneur with a dream. She has taken small businesses from 6 figure to 8 figure revenues. (a 3000% increase).

p: 1.800.515.9422 ex.102
e: jewel@p3-agency.com
l: linkedin.com/in/jewelmckeon

Carlos Arriaga
Executive Art Director

Carlos, is one of the most talented, yet humble Creative Art Directors in the business. Carlos, heads up our Creative Development Division, and is always on-hand to serve and take care of our much-appreciated P3 Customers.

Carlos spent his early years exploring the jungles of Guatemala and then at the young age of nine, he was transplanted to the concrete jungles of New York City where he grew up being influenced by the cutting edges of style and design.

A sculptor in his past-time, Carlos brings more creativity to his designs than most. He has the intuitive ability to transform our client’s ideas and concepts into eye-catching, high-impact, results-driven designs. His personal philosophy is to WOW our clients with stellar designs and an amazing P3 experience. If you talk to Carlos, expect to get over-and-above service.

p: 1.800.515.9422 ex.103
e: carlos@p3-agency.com
l: linkedin.com/in/carlosarriaga1

Zak Kuhn
Production Manager

Zak is one of the go-to guys here at the P3 Agency. When you get a chance to speak with Zak, you’ll find he’s plain-spoken but very well-versed in a LOT of diverse areas. To name a few, he’s a photographer, musician, videographer, artist, social chameleon, internationally famous beardsman, circus strongman and all-around Great Guy!

At P3, you’ll find Zak taking good care of our customers, managing production & workflow, and one of the resident experts at internet marketing.

If you’ve got questions on how to get more exposure to your website, or you want to hear some angles and advantages to pay-per-click, or you just want your marketing to POP, Zak’s your guy.

p: 1.800.515.9422 ex.105
e: zak@p3-agency.com
l: linkedin.com/in/zakkuhn