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Tips for Logo Design for New Businesses

A few tips for logo design. One of the essential things new business should think about is branding. Branding serves as the foundation for your company as it helps you establish your identity, which will set you apart from your competitors. Given this, creating a logo will be one...
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Does Your Website Stack Up Against the Highest Converting Websites in Your Industry?

How does your website fair against the highest converting websites? Competition is intense in the business world today. Establishing an online presence is no longer an option but a necessity. Nowadays, the goal is not just to build a well-designed website but to build the highest...
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What are Business Advisory Services and How do they Benefit Your Business?

What do you expect from business advisory services? No matter the size of your business or what type of industry you’re in, making it a success can be an arduous and lengthy process. This is why so many of today’s owners and managers have turned to business advisory...
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Is Your Website Designed for a Good Customer Experience?

Does your website help your customers have a good experience? In today’s digital age, brands focus on providing an outstanding website customer experience to keep users engaged. Nowadays, the very first contact of a customer with your company is most probably through your...
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10 Tips for Building a Lead Generation Website

Tips for building your lead generating website! Quality lead generation starts with a solid foundation — a solid website. It is common knowledge that generating more leads can help increase profits, but the quality of these leads can also affect your business outcomes. Building...
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How to Review Your Website for Google Core Web Vitals

Prepare your website for Google Core Web Vitals. SEO trends are constantly evolving over time, and to stay ahead of the competition, you must be aware of all the latest trends. This 2021, Google Core Web Vitals are set to become a new ranking factor for web pages. Specifically,...
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Are Core Web Vitals Important for Web Design for Small Businesses?

How will Core Web Vitals affect small businesses? Marketing has become more challenging in today’s digital age as more businesses enter the online space. One of the notable differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing is that the latter allows small businesses...
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How Do You Determine and Measure a Successful Brand Refresh?

Are there results and metrics you can track after a brand refresh? Whenever marketers see their sales drying out, they perform quick Google searches such as “marketing services,” “free marketing assessment,” “lead generation,” “website design,” “free marketing resources” and...
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What is Swag? And How Can Smart Business Owners Use it Effectively

What is Swag? Back in the pirate days, swag was a term for treasure. Today, the word is actually an acronym for “Stuff We All Get.” This originated from the dot com years when the popularity of these giveaway items as promotional mechanisms really soared. Another name for this...
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Email Scams Your Business Should be Aware Of

What are some common email scams all businesses should be aware of? Although email scams haven’t exactly become a daily part of our lives, they crop up with enough regularity that protecting yourself from those trying to rip you off has become an important issue. Although...
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