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Logo Design

Logo Design Process

Story Behind A Clients Logo Design Process Barb Hennessy’s journey in launching her new company, The Joy Within, lead her to P3 after she had seen the creative brand and marketing our agency had implemented for several of her colleagues. Barb has a lifelong mission to assist...
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Prospering in the Economy

How to Prosper in a Down Economy

Over the course of two decades, P3 has transformed the businesses of our clients who were hungry for success. This is our passion, our gift and our mission. By leading businesses to achieve exceptional growth, financial sustainability and a socially-conscious corporate culture,...
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We Have the Solution to Turning Our Economy Around

We Have the Solution to Turning Our Economy Around – You! Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, generating trillions of dollars in revenue and providing over 90% of all jobs in America. We feel that the best way of turning our economy around is to support small...
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