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How to Review Your Website for Google Core Web Vitals

Prepare your website for Google Core Web Vitals. SEO trends are constantly evolving over time, and to stay ahead of the competition, you must be aware of all the latest trends. This 2021, Google Core Web Vitals are set to become a new ranking factor for web pages. Specifically,...
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Are Core Web Vitals Important for Web Design for Small Businesses?

How will Core Web Vitals affect small businesses? Marketing has become more challenging in today’s digital age as more businesses enter the online space. One of the notable differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing is that the latter allows small businesses...
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How Do You Determine and Measure a Successful Brand Refresh?

Are there results and metrics you can track after a brand refresh? Whenever marketers see their sales drying out, they perform quick Google searches such as “marketing services,” “free marketing assessment,” “lead generation,” “website design,” “free marketing resources” and...
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What is Swag? And How Can Smart Business Owners Use it Effectively

What is Swag? Back in the pirate days, swag was a term for treasure. Today, the word is actually an acronym for “Stuff We All Get.” This originated from the dot com years when the popularity of these giveaway items as promotional mechanisms really soared. Another name for this...
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Email Scams Your Business Should be Aware Of

What are some common email scams all businesses should be aware of? Although email scams haven’t exactly become a daily part of our lives, they crop up with enough regularity that protecting yourself from those trying to rip you off has become an important issue. Although...
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Holiday Marketing Ideas from the Team at P3!

Effective holiday marketing ideas to boost your holiday sales! Folks, tis’ the season to deck the halls and have a ball! The holidays are right around the corner, and everyone is busy buying gifts for themselves and their loved ones. This is your time to go to town on...
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7 Steps for Effective Local Search Engine Optimization

How do you optimize your website and content for local search engine results? In many ways, local search engine optimization is like a standard SEO… especially these two marketing strategies function together. However, the former is exclusively meant for businesses that operate...
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Facts tell, but stories sell. What does that mean exactly?

Facts tell but stories sell! How does this work for video marketing? Well, I can’t give you an exact answer, but I can share my perspective and how vital both are in creating a video that promotes your business or nonprofit, your products, your services, and your place in the...
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Why is a Website Assessment Necessary for Website Design Services?

What is a website assessment and how does it benefit your website design? Every business, big or small, has some sort of a presence on the web today. This means that standing out from the competition and coming across as unique is necessary if you want to be your customers’ top...
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What are the Benefits of Professional Search Engine Optimization Services?

Search engine optimization can be confusing. We’ll shed some light on it for you. Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO, has become the kingpin of marketing in today’s digital world. Whether big or small, every business wants to invest in professional SEO...
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